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"Chefs For Seniors is a first-of-its-kind service that prepares customized, nutritious meals for the week in our clients' homes. Our team of professional chefs shop, cook, and clean up all in ~2.5 hours, while providing a unique in-home experience for seniors."

I highly recommend chef Laurent Vals as your personal chef: He shops for fresh food at good prices: if for instance the salmon is not up to his standard he will not purchase it and will substitute other seafood choice.
He prepares a variety of entrees, vegetables and a starch with your personal dietary needs in mind.
He is punctual, organized and focused.
His food is prepared with a variety of flavors that satisfy our taste.
I am so thankful for his services at reasonable price for high quality food.
— Kathryn S.

What is Chef for Seniors?

Our goal is to serve the elderly and others who either do not want to leave home or physically can’t. Our service provides, in advance, a week’s worth of affordable meals prepared in the client’s kitchen using the freshest ingredients, giving the client an enjoyable experience. The Chef shops, cooks and cleans up in about 2 1/2 hours.
— Chef Laurent Vals

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Healthy meals customized for you and prepared with a chef’s knowledge and skilled hand. Freshness and appeal are priorities.


 Our New Concept - Plant Based Protein Diet for Seniors

Chef for Seniors / the Woodlands TX is launching a new concept of protein plant base diet (PPBD) for our seniors.
The over-consumption of animal proteins, processed meats, dairy products and fast food has contributed largely to an increase of heart disease, diabetes, cancers and obesity for the past few years.
This not a vegan diet as meat and fish will be included in appropriate and reduced proportions but as we know essential proteins, vitamins and minerals are already found in vegetables and fruits.
This is not a “magic” diet that is going to make you lose 20 lbs in 3 days or make you feel like you are 20 years old again overnight.
It is meant to re-balance what we eat by eliminating some of the carcinogens, lower cholesterol and diabetes and in some case lowering your meds intake.
As a professional chef I will make the meals delicious, healthy and nutritious as well.

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Chef Laurent Vals


Laurent Vals

Chef . Pastry Chef . Consultant

Chef Consultant, Culinary Services & Classes


C.A.P Chef certification from l’Ecole Hoteliere du Moulin a Vent, Perpignan, France

C.A.P Pastry Chef certification from l’Ecole Hoteliere du Moulin a Vent, Perpignan, France

Worked with Robert Barajas, Master Pastry Chef, and Jean Philippe Mehamli, finalist of the famous “Prix Taittinger” in Paris


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I draw inspiration from my background, education and travels throughout America and across the globe. My flavors have a local appeal, while retaining the sophistication and elegance of my home in France. I enjoy mixing my savory and sweet backgrounds for a new perspective on traditional classics. Please take a look...




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 Select Accolades and Awards

2014 Winner of the Dessert Cup Competition, Pastry Live, Atlanta

2014 Edible Rhody Local Hero Award for Food Artisan

2011 Best Chocolate: Porto Bonbon, Rhode Island Monthly

2008 Best European Chocolates, Rhode Island Monthly




Collaborations lend a contemporary flair

to classic flavors and compositions



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